Former Posh player, John McGlashan, sadly passed away last month. Shamefully, PUFC have thus far failed to properly pay tribute to a player who gave his all to Posh, at one of the greatest times in our history, despite supporters groups contacting the club. Twice. In this post, KenGandhi delivers an impassioned admonishment of this oversight.

What did John McGlashan ever do to us? Not much. He gave us one year at the peak of his career. One year when Posh were tripping the light fantastic. One year when, for the first time, Posh mattered. One year when lTV considered us worth 90 minutes of their time.

It’s easy to forget that such a time existed. That we once had no reputation, no money, no lofty ambitions, no queue of non-league players looking for a stepping stone to nowhere special. John McGlashan came to Posh because we asked him, and he did a job because that’s what players did back then.

He never scored from the halfway line, he never got the winner in a play-off final, he never got sold for over a million pounds plus add-ons. He simply came, gave his all and left. But that’s the point, whilst we cherish those in the Darragh era, that came to Posh with skill and at times lit up London Road, we should never forget those that worked their arses off in a period when we lacked quality.

There are players in the current crop that would do well to look at McGlashan, to look at his work ethic, his commitment, to give everything they have no matter how little.

With the greatest respect to every player in the current squad, if John McGlashan doesn’t deserve a minutes applause, none of them will either. RIP John McGlashan and shame on Posh for not honouring him.

Andy Gardner (KenGandhi)