England v Shackle Draggers ODI
England fans arriving at the Oval with 4s and 6s painted on sheets of sandpaper Laughing
SDs 90-5
(13-06-2018, 02:35 PM)Nelson PK Wrote: SDs 90-5

Bit of a recovery now.

EDIT: Just got the Big Show.
Oooh good running catch in the deep
As someone said on TMS earlier, why are we wasting our time playing substandard teams like this? We should have had a longer series against Scotland!
I assume I am late to the party as usual, but I have only just worked out the reason behind Joe Root's shirt number!
England struggling in the cricket today then Laughing
Not too bad from here at the top of the Radcliffe Road end. Just wish they'd stop playing themselves in and get on with it!
Getting nervy now. England still need 3 wickets, with only another 268 runs to play with.
Some batting performance, scored more runs in one inning than some teams do in a season of onedayers
In military terms it is known as a duck shoot.

LOVE IT  Laughing

Should have player the sweaties for a closer series  Clap
Fucking hell that was close!
Footie win by five and so too the cricketers. Brilliant day
Duck shoot  Nono